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7 Simple Habits to Make Your WFH Routine Better for Your Mental Well-Being

Your home might be the most comfortable workplace there is – but don’t fall into the trap of becoming too comfortable. After all, it is your dedicated workspace where you need to follow a routine that will help you stay focused. It’s become common for professionals to suffer from burnout because of overworking and not knowing when to unplug because they’re at home instead of being able to leave an office. This isn’t sustainable as it negatively impacts your mental health and disrupts your overall well-being. 

As working from home becomes more of a norm, you need to focus on staying healthy and following a good routine that boosts productivity and helps you stay engaged. Here’s how. 

7 Tips to Incorporate Healthy Habits While Working from Home 

Follow along for seven ways to stay healthy while you WFH

Tip #1: Create a dedicated workspace 

A good practice is to set up a workspace that is separate from your bed or the couch. We know how comfortable it is to work from your bed, but this is also damaging your posture and decreasing your productivity and focus over time. If you are able to, create a space that is for your home office where you work during the day. Unplugging will be a lot easier because you can move away from your desk and relax on the couch after a productive day of work. 

Tip #2: Go for walks and exercise 

Don’t get stuck sitting for hours during the day. It’s important to incorporate movement and take breaks to rejuvenate and reset your mind and body. A quick 10-minute walk to take in the fresh air and get your body moving is one of the best things you can do. Exercising every day is also crucial for your health. Not only will this keep you physically fit, but it will boost your mental health and productivity as well. 

Tip #3: Use your PTO 

 You have worked hard and just because you are working from home doesn’t mean that you skip out on taking time off. Working all the time can lead to stress and eventually burnout which isn’t sustainable or healthy for you. Therefore, planning a vacation when you have paid time off days is necessary to not only enjoy a break but also to continue being successful in your career. 

Tip #4: Eat a proper lunch 

Avoid getting unhealthy takeout or eating junk food for lunch. Instead, opt to make a quick healthy meal at home and enjoy it away from your desk. Just like you would take a proper lunch break if you were in the office, take one even when you are working from home. Eating healthy meals during the week will also boost your mood and won’t put you in a slump that often happens from eating heavy food. 

Tip #5: Unplug at a decent time 

Learn to switch off after your work hours and enjoy the rest of your day! Spending time with your family and loved ones is important and you don’t have to miss out on special occasions because of work. Unless it is absolutely necessary, unplug and tend to your personal matters so you can also look after yourself after a busy day. Self-care is important to stay healthy and manage stress during the week. 

Tip #6: Prepare the night before 

To ease into the workday, spend time prepping the night before. This could be planning the clothes you wear, your meals for the day and preparing a to-do list for your important tasks and projects. Going into the workday prepared and ready will keep your mind at ease and will keep you organized when it comes to managing your projects. 

Tip #7: Follow a good morning routine 

While this may be hard for professionals who are not morning people, it is a good idea to have a good morning routine to set you up for the day. For example, make time to eat your breakfast, get ready or even fit in a workout before you head to your desk. Starting your workday as prepared and energized is a great way to stay focused and will improve productivity over time. 

Taking just a few small steps to fine-tune your work-from-home routine can make a big difference in your productivity and well-being.

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