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Top Transferable Skills You Can Take to Your Next Job

Having and developing certain important skills can land you a job just about anywhere. Whatever industry and whichever role you’re looking for, key skills are needed in every type of position. These include soft skills – communication and relationship-building – and technical skills like data analysis, which are always useful no matter what the role. These skills are known as “transferable skills.”.

What Are Transferable Skills?

Forbes says transferable skills are, “ones that apply in all professions. They are the foundation of all the professional success you will experience in this and other careers you may pursue over the years.”
Transferable skills are useful as you switch careers and can also help you advance in your current career path. Employers have started looking for transferable skills because these skills make the individual adaptable to the workplace. Furthermore, there is always an opportunity to strengthen these skills with training and education.

Top Transferable Skills You Can Take to Any Job

Here are some of the top skills that you can take with you when applying for any role.

Communication skills

Communication is key in every situation. Communicating not only includes how you speak but it also involves how you can communicate through writing, how you understand and listen when others are communicating, and using effective methods of communication. By being able to effectively communicate and share your message with your peers, you will always make a powerful impact on others.


Employers want to see that you are a team player and that you can work well with others. When you belong to a team, you make sure that the whole team succeeds, not just you. That means that you are open to understanding team dynamics, welcome suggestions from other team members, and take responsibility for your own work. When working in a team, it’s important to work cohesively to get tasks and projects done effectively, rather than what will only make you stand out.


The business world is constantly evolving, and your projects might suddenly switch deadlines or even change completely. In any situation, it’s important to focus on looking for a solution with a positive attitude. Being able to adapt to the environment, whether it’s going with the flow with last minute assignments, learning a new skill for the role or doubling down on tasks goes a long way no matter what role or industry you are in.

Creative skills

Being creative can be interpreted in a lot of ways. If you have a knack for thinking creatively, you always come up with solutions, have fresh ideas and solve challenges with a new way of thinking these traits are extremely useful to any team. Thinking “out of the box” and approaching projects with a unique perspective is something employers always value.

Data analysis

Every industry needs to analyze data. If you’re someone who can analyze the different metrics of social media posts or understand consumer patterns, you have a valuable skill that will be needed anywhere you go. Being able to analyze the data of consumers and clients will help with strategizing ideas on how and where the business can improve and what can be done to execute these improvements.

Leadership skills

Arguably a more complex skill, leadership skills are helpful when it comes to collaboration, effective communication and leading a team through challenging projects. Being a leader also means that you can inspire, mentor, and support your team during challenges as well as successes. Leadership skills, even if you are not a manager, can open a lot of doors as you show your ability to inspire and motivate others on your team.

Time management skills

Every project will have a deadline. If you’re someone who has good time management skills, is organized, and can prioritize your tasks, you have valuable skills that are sought after by employers. Sometimes, you might have to work under pressure, be exposed to distractions or could have to juggle many projects at once. Being efficient with your time and staying on top of your priorities will go a long way in your career.

Enhance Your Career with Transferable Skills

Understanding the importance of transferable skills can help you further your career, so it’s important to continue to strengthen them. Jot down how you’ve accomplished tasks in the past using these skills so you can talk about them during interviews. Include scenarios about how you used these skills in your past positions. You can even list them out on your resume – especially if it’s relevant to the role you are applying to.

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