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Career Trends to Prepare for While Looking for a New Job

Looking for a new job takes more than just having your resume prepared. Knowing industry trends, what employers are looking for and what skills you will need to stand out are all important things to be aware of before you start your search. For example, are positions you want being posted on social media or is it better to go through a recruiter to help you? And are you open to a hybrid role or do you only want to be in a remote setting? Knowing the latest career trends will help you prepare and apply more efficiently when starting your job search. 

2023 was a tumultuous year that brought us “The Great Resignation,” layoffs and other restructuring. However, a company’s biggest asset is its employees, and this is your chance to prove to your prospective employer why you are the perfect fit for the role and the company. With changes and shifts happening, employers may be looking for specific skills, certifications and different types of professional experience that you will want to capitalize on. 

Here are 5 trends to keep in mind when applying for new jobs this year. 

1. Digital skills in demand 

Every industry is becoming more tech-savvy as more processes become digital. Most businesses are moving all their documents, information and operations online. Therefore, to stay competitive in any industry, you need to be up to date with the latest in automation, AI use and other popular digital tools that have been adopted by the businesses you are targeting. 

2. AI knowledge 

Artificial Intelligence saw a huge boom in 2023 with enhancing and automating certain tasks and its usage is not slowing down anytime soon. While many are worried it could take over jobs, in many industries, AI can help increase the efficiency of projects and catch errors a lot quicker during the project. Brush up on your AI tools (and how they apply to your professional field) because this trend is here to say. 

3. Sustainable outlook 

Sustainability and protecting the environment are big goals for many companies now. Many businesses related to renewable energy, sustainability, waste management and energy efficiency have started, with a mission to fight climate change and help preserve the environment. If you’re looking for a career change or want to work towards something you are passionate about, looking for jobs in this field could be a good option. 

4. Gig economy 

As of today, the gig economy is thriving, and it doesn’t look like there’s any slowing down— 40% of gig workers are optimistic about the growth of their roles within the economy (MeasureOne). A gig worker is defined as an independent contractor engaged on an informal or on-demand basis, working for a short time and has flexibility in their work. Companies seem to be shifting towards gig workers in order to hire them for a short time before hiring them full-time. Don’t be afraid to apply for roles that may be temporary as it could be a good way to gain experience with the role potentially turning into a full-time job.  

5. Flexibility and hybrid work 

With the rise of remote work in the past years, companies see that productivity has stayed the same – and in some cases increased – when their employees have a more flexible schedule. With more remote and hybrid opportunities available, as the candidate you want to be prepared for this routine and ensure you can have an office space in your home.  

As you prepare for your job hunt, look out for important skills you could improve on. Update your resume accordingly and make sure you tailor your resume with the necessary keywords for each role. Additionally, continue to network and keep in touch with your connections. You could learn a lot from thought leaders as well as get introduced to your future employer!

Good luck!

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