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Five Ways to Recognize Workplace Superheroes

We’re surrounded by superheroes everywhere we go – and we learn from them every day. Most superheroes we meet are in disguise, most commonly at the workplace. These are people who not only work hard driving business but who make our day better. Coworkers are our real-life superheroes, and we ought to recognize them today and every day. 

Between optimism, coaching, mentorship, organization, drive and brainstorming, there are so many skills and qualities that our coworkers bring to the table. We may not even realize it but often they are working on multiple tasks simultaneously without us even knowing about it. As we celebrate National Superhero Day on April 28, we’re shining the spotlight on the superheroes we interact with every day – our coworkers. 

5 Ways to Show Recognition to Our Workplace Superheroes 

Here are five easy ways to show recognition to our hardworking coworkers and appreciate all that they bring to the table. 

1. Offer gifts 

If budget allows, offer your employees gift cards or lunch stipends to show your appreciation. Gift cards are always appreciated because they can be used in many different ways. Additionally, providing a recognition trophy or certificate is a small gesture to make someone feel special and appreciated. Show them that you see the work they put in every day. 

2. Shoutouts

Giving your employees special shoutouts among the team or company is a great way to keep the motivation going and to show your team members that you acknowledge what they’ve been doing. Getting recognition from top management is always appreciated and provides extra excitement and motivation. 

3. Professional development

Your employees want to continue to grow and advance in their careers. When you see a professional doing a stellar job, give them the opportunity to continue to grow – whether that’s getting a certification to advance, ongoing education, or perhaps giving them more responsibilities on the team. Ask them what will keep them engaged and what other projects they are interested in. Giving employees the freedom to work on things they are interested in will also keep them motivated and engaged in the short term and long term. 

4. Events

Having a strong company culture goes a long way in keeping employees happy. Hosting recognition events or social gatherings will fuel a sense of belonging. It will show your employees that you care about bringing people together and fostering a good culture with strong relationships.  

5. 1:1 feedback

Nothing beats honest feedback from your manager. When conducting 1:1 meetings, show your employees appreciation by letting them know where they have shown their strengths and how their work has positively impacted the business. Having this 1:1 personal recognition will make them feel like they have a manager who appreciates them and doesn’t take for granted the hours they put into their tasks.

Small appreciation notes and recognition go a long way in helping employees feel recognized for the time they put into their projects and tasks. Your employees are the ones who drive business success, so you should always consider ways to improve employee satisfaction and strengthen workplace culture to continue to keep their loyalty and happiness. Think of a few ways you can thank your own workplace superheroes!

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