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Here’s How Employees Benefit from Hybrid Work

Is it time to step away from remote work? For many workers in professional sectors, remote work has become the new normal and their preferred mode of working. However, some employers might require you to come back to the office – even if it’s a few days a week such as in a hybrid setting. 

Whether you’re a current employee or looking for a new career opportunity, it may be wise to consider the benefits of going back into the office even if you think you have your heart set on remote only. A hybrid schedule can offer the best of both worlds and offers additional professional opportunities that remote work simply cannot. 

We acknowledge that everyone’s needs and preferences are different – remote may be the only situation you’d consider, while your colleague prefers to be in the office full time. Many professionals may only have an option of remote work because of other obligations. However, take a moment to consider the benefits of hybrid schedules, before you rule out job openings that require it. It might open up opportunities that could benefit you. 

Benefits of a Hybrid Workplace 

Hybrid work can open the door to more career growth. Before you rule it out, consider these points as you weigh your options. 

1. Face-to-face time with coworkers and leadership 

When you go into the office, you make room for formal and informal relationship building. From meetings to a lunchroom chat, you’re solidifying professional and personal bonds that are hard to do in a remote setting. This leads to the ability to grasp more information and experience from your managers and mentors as well as give you the in-person connection and training that can help you continue to grow in your career.

2. Opportunities to partner and network with coworkers outside your department 

Break through the screen and connect with your coworkers in person! With a remote setting, it’s easy to get lost in a routine where you only “meet” with your team and forget about connecting with others in the company.

Hybrid schedules give the opportunity to connect not only with your team but also the chance to get to know coworkers in other departments! Not only is this a great networking opportunity but it also helps build relationships and gives you a sense of belonging in the company. 

3. Increased visibility 

If you’re in a “behind the scenes” role, it can be challenging to be seen and noticed when working remotely. “Out of sight, out of mind” can apply to many remote employers, who may consequently get overlooked for recognition, promotion, and new opportunities.

For example, finance and accounting roles are often behind the scenes and they can easily be missed if they are remote and unseen. Going into the office can change that and give managers a chance to understand where you are in your role and see how you are progressing.

4. Connection and participation 

Remote work can sometimes make professionals feel isolated or lonely. You might be home alone all day, or you moved somewhere with a lower cost of living, but you find yourself feeling isolated. Avoid the solitude of remote work by going into the office and meeting professionals in your area! Living and working in the same area provides opportunities to participate in team events and helps you feel like you are part of the organization.

Additionally, if you moved to a new place or have been alone all day, connecting with people in person will give you the chance to make friends and engage with your peers through provoking discussions and conversations. 

5. Expanded career options 

If you open your career search beyond remote jobs, you have just vastly expanded your options. There are tons of opportunities outside of remote work that you may benefit from taking a chance on!

This could open doors to new industries, roles and even opportunities that you never thought you might consider. Whether you want hybrid or would consider hybrid for the right opportunity, it’d be worth keeping an open mind. 

A hybrid work model serves to keep the culture of a business alive and gives employees the opportunity to connect with their peers and feel like they belong in the organization. Training and mentorship opportunities are stronger when you can learn from someone in person because of the relationship-building that you can do with your peers. There are many advantages to hybrid work if you give it a chance.

If you limit yourself to only remote work, you may be giving up…. 

  • Promotion opportunities 
  • Closer relationships with your coworkers
  • Participation in team events 
  • More knowledge of workplace happenings 
  • Opportunities to work on new projects 

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