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What You Can Do Today to Advance Your Career

Every professional goes through a phase where they want to advance their career. They may love the job they’re at, the company they’re working for and the industry they’re in. Inevitably, professionals will look for opportunities to advance and grow – whether that means taking on more responsibilities, pursuing ongoing education, or perhaps engaging in leadership training.  

Actively pursuing career advancement is good for goal setting and reflecting on where you are and where you want to be professionally. Your desire for career advancement also helps your company because you’re likely to work more efficiently, bring in new skill sets, and are motivated to achieve company goals. 

7 Tips to Advance Your Career Today 

It’s good to be on top of your career planning and goal setting. Check out these tips to help you advance your career. 

Tip #1: Find a good mentor 

Having a mentor is a great way to navigate your career and explore opportunities for growth. Mentors help you grow and advance by providing feedback, giving you advice and support when you need a fresh perspective. Your mentor is probably an expert in the field, and they will have valuable knowledge to share that can help you in your career. When finding a mentor, you need to invest time in building the relationship as this is someone you will want to know you can fully trust. 

Tip #2: Set ongoing goals 

Goal setting is important when you want to advance your career. Set short-term goals that will get you closer to your long-term goals. Goals should be specific, measurable, realistic and timed. Celebrate every achievement and work harder to achieve challenging goals. Goals can range from small to large, whether it’s accomplishing daily tasks or learning an entirely new skill. 

Tip #3: Network 

If you’ve forgotten about your connections, now is a good time to check in on them and expand your professional circle. Networking can help you connect with people in the industry that could elevate your career and share insights that can really help you move up. Attending networking events even if they’re virtual is a great way to step out of your comfort zone and have meaningful conversations with your peers while learning more about your industry. 

Tip #4: Prioritize your health 

Make sure you prioritize your health and wellness as you navigate your career. You might put your career first but if you are getting burned out or neglecting your health, it will negatively impact you in the long term – professionally and personally. Make sure you follow a routine, exercise and eat healthily. Make time for people and activities that boost your mental health and keep stress at bay so you can continue to improve your productivity and performance at work. 

Tip #5: Develop interpersonal skills 

Interpersonal skills such as conflict resolution, teamwork, empathy and listening are important to bring to a team. These skills make you a good leader and get you noticed among your teammates and managers. Good “people skills” can take you a long way in your career. 

Tip #6: Keep learning 

Every industry continues to evolve. With new ways of marketing, trending social media platforms, and developing and innovative technology and software, it’s important to keep up and stay ahead of the curve if you’re looking to excel in your field. Make time to read books, get certifications and be in touch with what is going on in your industry regularly. 

Tip #7: Focus on the results 

As you work on projects and tasks, you want to focus on doing your job properly – even if that means taking more time. Quality over quantity is always better and your supervisor and team will appreciate you submitting quality work rather than rushing through. Make sure you take time to plan and set aside enough time to do the work.  

Always Show Up 

As you focus on career development, it’s important to consistently put your best foot forward and demonstrate your enthusiasm and dedication. If you are looking to be a good leader, make the effort to take point on projects and show that you can handle more responsibility. Also, make sure to always look presentable, be prepared and ready to work on projects that you are interested in taking on. 

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