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Simple Tips to Tidy and Organize Your Work Desk 

A new year brings a fresh start. What better way to embrace it than to organize your desk for maximum productivity? Some researchers have found that a clean desk increases productivity and persistence by 84%. While it might be taking you a little extra time to get back into the swing of things after your time off around the holidays, a bit of tidying up might do the trick. 

Organized chaos is not trending anymore – so let’s get organized. All it takes is a little inspiration and some motivation to make the first move. Not sure where to start? We have some tips for you to follow to help you get organized. The best part is that you don’t have to do it all at once – start small and take big steps to an organized work desk. 

7 Tips to Organize Your Work Desk 

Here are seven simple tips to get you started on cleaning up and organizing your workspace – whether you work at an office or from home. 

Tip #1: Go digital 

You don’t need to print all your memos, emails and calendar items. Instead, use a digital calendar to keep track of all your meetings and reminders, and set up alerts so you don’t miss anything important. Scan and save all paper invoices and important documents onto your server and get rid of excess paper clutter. Get into the habit of keeping most information online saved in organized folders.  

Tip #2: Get organizers 

Every item on your desk should have a home. All documents should be kept in labeled folders and organized in a drawer or space specifically for them. Store your pens and pencils in a holder and keep all your post-its and miscellaneous items in their own drawer or desk organizer. The rule of thumb is to think about what you need easily accessible and ensure it has a home on your desk.  

Tip #3: Daily wipe down 

Your work desk sees a lot of activity – just imagine all the germs that it picks up throughout the day! Get into the habit of wiping down your desk with sanitizing wipes to keep your workspace clean and healthy. You might even find unnecessary clutter that you can get rid of in the process. 

Tip #4: Cable organizer 

Having cables running around everywhere is not a clean look. Invest in cable organizers to hide your cables or keep them wrapped up neatly under or near your work desk. This will also help prevent any tangles and make the surrounding area look neat and clean. 

Tip #5: Invest in a trashcan 

Having a trashcan nearby might help you avoid clutter on your desk. Once you’re done with your snacks, post-it notes, or anything else that you don’t need you can toss it into the trashcan. Without a trashcan, you might let unnecessary items start collecting on your desk and no one wants to have to deep clean that mess a month later. 

Tip #6: Declutter 

To “declutter” doesn’t just mean picking up physical clutter, but it also applies to your digital space. Keep your icons to a minimum and avoid storing personal documents and photos on your server. Stick to one journal or planner rather than having two notebooks and unnecessary note-taking equipment spread around. Keeping clutter to a minimum will help with distractions and keep your productivity in check. 

Tip #7: Build a workflow 

Something to keep in mind is to organize your space based on your workflow. Which side will help you take notes quickly? Where can you grab the post-it notes easily for quick reminders? Do you need to use the phone all day or only at certain times? Organize your desk according to your workflow for maximum efficiency. This also includes your digital space. Manage icons according to when and how you need to use them. 

Investing the time to get organized will pay dividends in productivity and peace of mind in the long run. Get a good start to the new year and set a reminder to tidy up your desk every week to keep things running smoothly.

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