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Talking to a Recruiter about Salary Insights and Expectations

When you’re looking for a new job, salary is often one of the most essential factors on your mind. You know what you’re worth and you’ve researched the industry’s expectations. But what’s the most effective way to communicate what you want and negotiate your needs with your recruiter? Salary talk can often be the most awkward and nerve-racking conversation you can have. Don’t fret – we have some helpful tips that you can use to navigate discussions around salary expectations with your recruiter. 

Salary Conversation 101: Tips and Insights 

Here are some helpful tips to relay your salary expectations and needs to your recruiter. Remember, your recruiter is on your side! 

1. Do your research 

Before sitting down with your recruiter, make sure to do your research on what the salary range is for your role and industry. Gather all the information you can from different sources so that you have a good idea of what companies are offering so you have an idea about what you need to negotiate for. This will be helpful during your conversations with your recruiter so they will know what to present to you moving forward. 

Be aware that once you have shared your salary expectations with a recruiter, they will use this number to present you with opportunities that are in your expected salary range. The best practice is to establish a dollar amount at which you are willing to talk about an opportunity. For example: “I want to hear about any law firms that are offering more than $x for my experience.”

2. It’s okay to ask for help 

If you are unsure about what to ask for in terms of salary, ask the recruiter for their opinion of market rates for your skill set. Also, ask them to share any data they may have from their own placements or from third-party resources. Recruiters have a lot of data they will be happy to share so you can also have a realistic idea of what certain industries are offering for the role you want to pursue. 

3. Be honest 

Your recruiter is on your side. Therefore, there is no reason to be shy about what you want. You need to be honest about what you’re looking for and this also includes how quickly you are trying to move jobs or careers. Depending on your timeline, recruiters are also able to keep you in the know of future openings they might know of or other information that could be helpful for you to make career decisions. 

4. Get informed about salary expectations before your interviews 

Be sure you know what the salary range is for the job for which you are interviewing. Most of the time your recruiter will only present you with roles that are in your range. However, there might be some roles that you would consider depending on your passion, experience and if you are trying to switch to a new industry. It’s important to chat with your recruiter about whether you should discuss salary numbers, negotiate during interviews, or if the salary is a fixed number. In any of these cases, you should be well-informed ahead of time so that you’re not going in “blind” and asking questions that you should already know. 

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