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What Do Employees Want?

When we think about the question, “What do employees want?” we might often conclude “money” to be the most common answer. While this may be true for some professionals, it’s not the only thing that employees and candidates look for in a company and role – especially in today’s job market. Professionals have started to shift their priorities and have considered other benefits such as work-life balance that matter to them just as much – if not more than – their salary. 

As a business, while you strive for customer satisfaction, you should also focus on improving employee satisfaction. When employees are happy, they are motivated and driven, and therefore help your business succeed.  

Top 6 Things Employees Want from Their Employers 

From recognition to better pay, here are some of the top factors employees and candidates look for in companies.  

1. Better pay and benefits

Professionals want to be paid fairly based on the industry, their role, and the experience they bring to the table. With more pay transparency in the market, professionals want to work at a company that pays them what they are worth. Employers need to stay competitive with their salaries because, in a market, they may lose out on top talent to competitors who offer better compensation. 

2. Work-life balance 

According to Forbes, 89 percent of workers at companies that support well-being initiatives are more likely to recommend their company as a good place to work. Having a good work-life balance has become increasingly important to professionals today. With stress and burnout being major factors impacting health, people want to work at a company where they feel like their health matters and that they are taken care of. Additionally, being able to prioritize their families and personal matters are also important to them. Having flexible schedules and the ability to “switch off” at the end of the day is important to overall mental health.

3. Job security 

About 27 percent of U.S. workers worry about job security. Professionals want to feel like they will keep their job in the near future and long term. This includes being able to share their ideas and stand up for themselves without worrying that they will be reprimanded. Constructive feedback opportunities and team-building meetings are a great way to kickstart and maintain this sense of security and stability. 

4. Diversity and inclusion 

Every team member and employee wants to feel included. They want to feel like they are part of an organization that embraces inclusion and offers a safe space to grow and thrive. Forbes says that employees who feel their voices are heard are 4.6 times more likely to feel empowered to perform their best work. Mentorship opportunities, job shadowing and encouraging professionals to pursue leadership opportunities all help in empowering and building an employee up for success. Professionals also look at diversity as an important factor when looking at the type of workplace they choose to be part of When employees feel like they work at a place that embraces diversity and inclusion, they are not just accepted but valued in the organization.

5. Career growth 

Professional growth is another important factor when it comes to employee satisfaction. Employees want to have the ability to grow in their careers and take the next step forward. This means providing leadership opportunities, ongoing education and mentorship programs that will help individuals continue to move up in their organization and career.

6. Recognition 

Workramp states that employee recognition increases the feeling of belonging, another reason people stay in their positions. Having a sense of belonging increases happiness and retention among employees. Acknowledging your team members’ work, whether it’s through shoutouts or small gifts, helps in giving the employee a sense that their hard work is being recognized and appreciated. 

Your employees drive your company toward success. Happy employees who are motivated and empowered will help you accomplish your goals. Working towards making your business a safe place for employees and a place where they are passionate about working at will be key in retaining employees and ensuring their satisfaction.

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